To create the best pizza, you need the best pizza tools.

Exclusively distributed by leading pizza equipment supplier Euroquip, pizza tools and accessories are your perfect partner in the kitchen.

Italian made, high quality, durable pizza tools – perfect!

We also offer other essential utensils. From bamboo boards, to pizza screens. High density polyethylene dough and confectionery trays are also available for storing food.

Because we can supply you with anything from peels, brushes, to dough ball trays, you can be assured you will find what you need right here!

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Square Peel – Square shaped blade, also known as “shovel” or “spade”. Used to pick up pizzas from granite, marble or stainless steel benches.

Round Peel – Small Round shaped blade, also known as “spinner” or “turner”. Usually constructed of stainless steel. Used to turn pizzas inside the oven. 

Dough Cutter – Small utensil used to cut and portion large amounts of dough with ease.

Dough Scraper – Flexible utensil (usually triangular) used to remove dough from the dough tray without disrupting its shape.

Dough Tray – High density polyethylene tray commonly used for portioned dough balls. They are placed in the trays to rest and prove prior to use.